How to integrate ancient wisdom into your life. Part 1

Hello there !

My name is Kristian Buddy and I am grateful that you are here.

Before I dive into this blog post, I would like to provide some context.

The ancient wisdom I will draw from will be called “The Seven Hermetic Principles”, from the book “The Kyballion”.  The teachings were based off a man called Hermes Trismegistus. It is believed he is actually a combination of two men, called Thoth and Hermes.


Over the next several weeks I will attempt to deconstruct the seven hermetic principles, one principle at a time in order to provide value to yourself (the reader). My intent is to break these principles down into, easy to read English. So we may apply them in our everyday life and reap the benefits from this hidden knowledge.

I believe that understanding and applying these principles in our life, gives us the ability to extract information from these ancient teachings and amalgamate them with our everyday practical knowledge.

Once we combine the two elements WE BECOME UNSTOPPABLE!

Anyway enough rambling , lets dive into it.

So the first principle on the list is the principle of mentalism.

No I’m not referring to the show “The Mentalist”

The Mentalist - Deal with it

This principle states that the all is mind.

Lets take a closer look at this principle, what does the all is mind mean?

It means that our inner reality manifests itself into our outer reality, the outer reality is the physical world. The world in which we can use our senses to touch and feel.

Let me give you an example.

This is Billy.


If Billy’s mind is filled with thoughts of limiting beliefs, self-doubt and other contradictory statements to his being. Well then his outer reality will start to resemble his inner reality. He will start to attract individuals that have similar thoughts to him and other circumstances of this kind. (You get my drift)

Negative thoughts

On the contrary to the above image, if billy was to have positive thoughts. His outer reality would resemble one of his own mind. Which would be individuals on his vibe and other events in a similar nature

Positive thoughts

Now understanding these examples with Billy is all good and fair . But we need to realise that our universe operates on the law of attraction. Which basically means we attract what we think.

Lets ground ourself a bit here and understand that it would be quite difficult to think of 100 million dollars landing at our doorstep then miraculously the next day we are gifted with the money. I haven’t heard the law of attraction been quite true to this extent.

However, the core principle of mentalism is fundamental to our being, if we are to evolve to the next level.

I have given you a simple explanation of this core principle, now I will attempt to give you advice as to how you can improve your thoughts.

I’m going to generalise now and say that humans are quite irrational with the clarity of their thoughts. Please correct me if I’m wrong in the comments.

Humans have many thoughts during the day, I will provide a list as to how to organise your thoughts with a higher level of clarity and even reduce the amount of unwanted thoughts that pop into your head.

  1. Journal/idea writing daily.
    • Simply keeping track of all your thoughts as soon as you wake up can be a great way to organise all the gunk in your head and get you on track to start the day
  2. Meditating
    • Simple guided meditation can be useful to keep thoughts to a minimum and actually helps improve levels of concentration throughout the day
  3. Diet
    • Our body’s are vessels which harbor our consciousness, if we are to give our minds the best chance to evolve we must feed our body’s with the utmost highest nutrition. Keeping sugar , alcohol and other unnecessary products at a minimum.
  4. Mantra
    • By reading out positive affirmations about ourself we still start to replace the old belief systems about ourself and replace them with the new
  5. Positive thought replacement
    • I personally have never experimented with this one. For every negative thought you think or say you must think 2 positive ones in order to rewire your pathways

So to end this blog post I will state the following facts. If you want to loose weight, if you want to become a millionaire, if you would like to land that dream job or whatever goal your heart desires. It must first begin in the mind!

In next weeks blog post I will be posting about the principle of correspondence.

Peace and Love!

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